Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Boys are Back in Town

The boys are back in town, well really the girls too and actually they are not back in town, they are just coming to town. But HELLO college reunion weekend, only it is taking place here instead of there. Anyway, not only was my birthday this week but trouble, mayhem and mischief are coming to town! The statement " I am so excited" just doesn't cover it.  

I have no idea what might happen but my some of my favorite people in the whole word are coming here this weekend! I know there will be drinking, and of course dancing. Then there is the newest edition of our insanity...late night guitar playing and awful singing by request. Oh if you could be a fly on the would probably wish you were def or at least had a good pair of ear plugs. God bless my neighbors, they have no idea what they are in for. 

The cast of characters for the weekend include..
Bootylicious- the BFF. enough. said. 
Apple Butter- husband to Bootylicious . he and I have some of the funniest drinking stores between us...clearly one involves apple butter but maybe I will tell you about that later. Have I mentioned that he is probably the hottest man I know. 
Fashion Master- always dressed to impress but by far the best teacher a kid could have, she also has the purest heart on the planet.  
Big Blond- husband to KMay and by far one of the best men I know. He is also the guitar master for our events this weekend. 
KMay- wife of Big Blond, who gets a little crazy and tells it how it is no matter what, got to appreciate the honestly people. 

I am sure you have realized by now that yes, most of my friends are married, but they are great married people because they didn't change when they got married and they still love hanging out with us single people :) 

Also there will be a brief appearance by Dooker, MiniDooker and HotMama. Mini Dooker is only 4 weeks old so they can only do a day trip and will not be partaking in the shall we say alcohol induced events. Did I mention HotMama looks like Megan Fox only not so emaciated.  

more details to come later...when I am finally sober again.  

If my life were a song today it would be: Working for the weekend.

Cause hey..a little romance wouldn't be that bad...

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